Have you ever thought of designing your own stamp?  Click here to see what some local elementary grade students have created.
Have you ever even mailed a letter?  Maybe you could write a letter to someone and mail it and ask that person to mail you back your used stamp.
Do you have a family history in another country or do you have any relatives currently living in another country with whom you like to correspond?  They would make great writing partners because you could collect the stamps they put on the return letter.

What does it take to connect a bunch of school children with some local stamp collectors?  Click here to find out.

Are you a teacher looking for inspirational ways to teach your students art, design, geography, history, social interactions, communication skills, literacy and even math?  Click here for information.

Youth Outreach

Bramalea Stamp Club

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Canada Post Stamp

50th Anniversary of Canada's flag

Members of the Bramalea Stamp Club have produced a presentation on stamp collecting that was shared with students at a local public school in 2016.  This initiative has now been featured on page 1 of the Canadian Stamp News, Vol 41 #05, June28-July11/16 and in the Canadian Philatelist.

The presentation was created by member Ingo Nessel and initially presented by Ingo, Jerry Piotrowski and Club President Bob Thorne.

The Introduction page is shown below.  CLICK HERE for the entire presentation which will open as a new page OR Click this Button------>.